The Graduate Program in Zoology (PPGZOO) at the Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz(UESC) is based in a remnant of Atlantic Forest in the southern region of Bahia in Ilhéus. Created in 2003, it was the first graduate course in Zoology approved by CAPES in the State of Bahia. The first PhD class entered in 2019.

The program received a score of 5 in the quadrennium 2013 - 2016 (last published evaluation). During the 2016-2020 quadrennium, the program had 43 master's and doctoral scholarship quotas and a scholarship for dissertation development was awarded to all master's students. In 2020 the program had eight active postdoctoral fellows.

The program has a focus area in Zoology with two research lines: "Systematics and Biodiversity" and "Applied Zoology". The goal is to train highly qualified human resources, Ms and PhD, dedicated to research and teaching. The PPGZOO aims to train taxonomists - both in invertebrate and vertebrate groups, anatomists, physiologists, geneticists and animal cytogeneticists, ethologists, as well as other types of professionals who work with fauna, enabling the application of this knowledge in monitoring and management programs for fauna resources, representing a strategic factor for regional development.

Strategic plan

PPGZOO 2021-2028