The PPGZOO program is based on the UESC Campus. It includes a coordinator'sroom, a secretariat, a classroom.  Inclui uma sala de coordenação, uma secretaria, uma sala de aula. 

A room with individual lockers is available for students, which can be used to offer courses and as a meeting space for research groups. 

We have 16 offices for professors and a one for visiting professors and researchers doing post-doctoral internships in the program.

 Thirteen laboratories and several zoological collections are directly related to the program.

Collections and Laboratories

Formicidae Collection of the Cocoa Research Center (CPDC) and Myrmecology Laboratory

Laboratory shared with CEPLAC-CEPEC and UFSB

A scientific paper about the collection

Herpetological Collection, Laboratory of Tropical Herpetology

Collection in partnership with CEPLAC-CEPEC and UFSB

Southern Bahia Aquatic Invertebrate Collection and Laboratory of Aquatic Organisms (LOA)

Laboratory in partnership with UFSB

Aquatic Mammals Laboratory (Labomaq)

Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira Mammals Collection (CMARF) and Laboratory of Zoological Mammal Collections

Laboratory of Applied Ethology (LabEt) and Laboratory of Nutrition of Neotropical Animals

Laboratory of Vertebrate Zoology

Entomology Laoratory

Laboratory of Social Arthropods (LABAS)